Framed 2022: Limited Edition Art+Music Analog Compilation

Come on in, hold the artwork in your hands, and have a listen – maybe with a neighbor, a friend, a family member or someone you want to get to know better.

Order our newest 2022 vinyl or our special collectors edition (only 30 in print); both released on November 25th, 2022.   Re-visit our 2021 limited edition vinyl or perhaps you would like a combination package – we have it all here 🙂

10 Musical Performances & 10 Art Prints
Ultra deluxe vinyl press and prints by Nordso Records (Denmark)

FRAMED 2022 is the second volume of a Music & Art compilation series. It was born out of our wish to capture and share some of the magic that happens at FRAMED events in the most authentic way we can. Our events feature a coupling of live concerts and solo art exhibitions.

2022 was marked by the return to a live audience in the room, to what FRAMED was always meant for, the human connection. We had the pleasure to host musicians and artists from around the world (who could finally travel again), and to create the intimate connection between audience, artists and performers in our salon in Berlin, Friedrichshain. 2022 is also our last season at this location, as we are preparing our move towards better, bigger and brighter future adventures.

Every track on this vinyl was performed live at FRAMED and recorded directly to a 1/4″ master tape, no mixing or editing. All performances took place between August 2021 and June 2022.

As in every season, we were privileged to exhibit a line-up of visual artists, and to have the opportunity to see their work in relation to the different musical performances. This gave us and our audience the possibility to appreciate how image and sound come together to create new sceneries, new mental zones and landscapes. We are very pleased to present with this limited issue a selection of prints by these artists.

Thank you to our audiences, near and far, this is made for you and thanks to you.


Trevor Bahnson with Haggai Cohen-Milo – Ofir Dor – Framed #63
Pascal Schumacher – Musafer Qassim – Framed #67
Lily Henley with Duncan Wickel- Michal Rubens – Framed #59
Jake Sherman – Elad Larom – Framed #61
Silvan Strauß & Keno – Moran Sanderovich – Framed #57

Mehdi Nassouli – AJ Johnson – Framed@Xjazz
Yael Nachshon Levin with Haggai Cohen-Milo and Tomer Moked – Katsuhiko Matsubara – Framed #69
Duncan Wickel & Lily Henley – Tanja Selzer – Framed #59
Lau Noah – Daniel Bonaudo – Ewinger – Framed #55
Shirley Brill & Jonathan Aner – Gabriela Jolowicz – Framed #60

The Artists

AJ Johnson
Daniel Bonaudo-Ewinger
Duncan Wickel
Elad Larom
Gabriela Jolowicz
Jake Sherman
Katsuhiko Matsubara
Lau Noah
Lily Henley
Mehdi Nassouli
Michal Rubens
Musafer Qassim
Ofir Dor
Pascal Schumacher
Shirley Brill & Jonathan Aner
Silvan Strauss
Tanja Selzer
Trevor Bahnson
Yael Nachshon Levin


Artistic director – Yael Nachshon Levin
Music curator – Haggai Cohen Milo
Art curator – Ofir Dor

In association with LowSwing Records
Recorded directly to a stereo master tape

All tracks recorded by Benedikt Vogt
except “Dreams” – recorded by Guy Sternberg

Mastered to Analogue tape by Guy Sternberg at Emil Berliner studio
Lacquer cut by Sidney Meyer at Emil Berliner studio

Graphic Design – Evien Saggi
Outer and Inner artwork: Print of a painting Katsuhiko Matsubara

Special thanks to Jan Fischer for his generous continuous support in FRAMED e.V

Join us on November 24th, 2022 for our Framed 2022 LP release party! TICKETS HERE

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