What is FRAMED

FRAMED is a monthly event taking place in private locations around Berlin, each combining a live music performance with an art exhibition.

Offering a space for social and cultural interaction, we aim to bring together a community of artists and musicians from different genres and backgrounds in an intimate setting, with audiences sitting close by.

The musicians we invite – each acclaimed in their fields, from jazz, classical and opera to electronic, singer-songwriters, world music and more – are paired with a presentation by an exceptional visual artist or artist collective. Here too, we don’t limit ourselves to a specific media, as works might include painting, photography, drawing, installation art and more.

FRAMED derives its name from the frame of an artwork, yet for us it likewise signals a neutral spatial framework ready to accommodate a host of artistic expressions.

In choosing the artists and exhibits for each event – often made specifically for FRAMED and presented for the first time – we aim at a cross-pollination of the visual and auditory, both among the works featured and how they are experienced by the audience.

Our year-long program takes place monthly, in unique locations that are carefully chosen to provide an engaging backdrop for the music and art on display: artists’ studios, private homes, industrial spaces and other non-conventional venues that contribute to a laid-back and friendly atmosphere. Depending on the venue, we typically welcome an audience of 70–150.

The engagement of audiences with the performance gives way to something elusive and hard to pin-down: In the space between performer, premises, visual art and those attending, there is a special experience that is time-specific yet memorable – something akin to inspiration, in that it encourages further creativity and openness to others.

While presented in English, past events in the FRAMED series have featured a wealth of languages, among them Hebrew, German, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese and Dutch. A multi-lingual discourse is at the core of our project, as we’d like to reach out to myriad cultures – in the sense of spoken languages but no less as pertains musical expression and artistic practices. Rather than an obstacle, we see diversity is a pathway to greater contact and communication.

FRAMED is intended as a space for expression, sharing and acceptance for all those in attendance, whether artists/performers or viewers/listeners to.

The Team

Yael Nachshon Levin, 38, born in Israel and lives in Berlin since 2016. Yael graduated from the New School University of Music – Jazz Vocal Program in NYC.
Yael is a singer, composer, music teacher, journalist (Berliner Zeitung) and producer. Yael is the initiator, manager and musical curator of FRAMED.
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Daphna Saker Massey, 36, born in Israel and lives in Berlin since 2013. She holds a B.A in Art History and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University, M.A. in Expressive arts therapy from EGS Switzerland.
She is an artist and expressive arts therapist that works on the intersection of these two fields, researching and develpoing new types of creative experiences.
Daphna is the visual art co—curator of FRAMED and she is  currently developing the  “Framed experience”, an exciting addition starting soon. 

Dorit Rubin-Elkanati, 40, born in Israel and has been living in Berlin with her family since 2010.
She is an Art consultant, specializing in contemporary art,
and a lawyer (LL.M, Tel-Aviv University).
Dorit is a big fan of Berlin’s cultural and artistic landscape and writes about it on her blog shewholovesart.com.
Dorit is the visual art co-curator of FRAMED.


Graphic design

Shahr Lev
Photography and Video

Roi Werner
Tech & Mental support

Gilly Gazit
Curator of space

Dagmar Colombel

Johanna Schirrmacher
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Eliana Ben-David
Business consultant, Event Playlist Curator.