Max Renneisen and Katharina Renneisen

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October 2023

Max Renneisen is a German painter based in Berlin. It is vital to his paintings and drawings to build on the legacy of the Old Masters and to explore the painterly possibilities of the imitation of nature in the light of modern imagery.  Working in a range of media and formats, from small drawings on paper to large-scale oil paintings on canvas, Max Renneisen is particularly concerned with general issues such as human relationship with nature and the relationship between ideal and reality.

Katharina Renneisen is a German visual artist who uses analogue photography as her main medium. She works primarily with medium and large format cameras, maintaining full control over the photographic process from the exposure to the final print. In addition to film-based photography, she also explores the possibilities of historical and alternative techniques. So far, a particular emphasis lies on hand-colouring silver gelatin prints with oil paints.


Max Renneisen
„Helio Beach“, 2022
Oil on canvas, 160 x 110 cm

Max Renneisen
„Humboldt-Penguin V“, 2023
Oil on canvas, 60 x 50 cm

Katharina Renneisen
„Puits Noir II“, 2021
Oil on silvergelatin print, 99 x 79 cm

Katharina Renneisen
„The Source of the Loue“, 2021
Oil on silvergelatin print, 49 x 49 cm

Artist Portrait by Jörg Dedering

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