Katharina Arndt

February 2021

Katharina Arndt’s paintings and drawings focus on digital-communication behavior and the visual aspect of mass-consumption aesthetics in the digital age.

The works on view derived from long hours spent on a Barcelona beach last summer, observing people’s behavior, the things they use, how they pose for instagram. Lazy, easy mood, emptiness, happiness, simple goals.

The ‘Decadence’ and the ‘Superficial’ are major symbols in Katharina’s work. The ‘Surface’ – a glossy smartphone screen, hairless bodies with mirrored sunglasses. The ‘Smoothness’ of this eternal youth is artificial, uncritical, superficial, conformist. With headphones on, they’re at the same time socially active and totally isolated.

This hyperreal, immaterial online world is dominated by the visual appearance of ourselves and of the products we consume.

On artificial media such as PVC film, lacquer paper and Plexiglas, Katharina Arndt depicts fast, reduced, almost childlike motifs using glossy acrylic paint and lacquer markers.

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