Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer

May 2024

‘Line of Work’ by Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer is a video installation challenging societal stigmas surrounding sex work. Through intimate conversations with 25 sex workers from various cities, including Berlin, Paris, New York, and Bangkok, the project aims to unveil the individuals behind the stereotypes associated with their profession. The project delves into questions about the value of work, societal perceptions, and the autonomy of individuals in choosing their occupation.

Does our work define us? Why are some jobs more highly regarded than others? Can we look beyond the stigmata related to a job? What makes a person valuable in our society?

Despite sex work being acknowledged as one of the oldest professions, it remains shrouded in misinformation and stigma. ‘Line of Work’ seeks to dismantle these misconceptions by providing a platform for sex workers to share their experiences, aspirations, and challenges. Many participants express a sense of fulfillment in providing care and pleasure to others, akin to professions such as nursing and social work. However, the continued marginalization of sex workers underscores the suppression of their voices in society.

Each participant collaborates with Fee-Gloria to shape their narrative, deciding how they present themselves and what aspects of their work they wish to discuss. The resulting videos focus on close-ups of the participants’ eyes or mouths, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and trust. By stripping away external distractions, Grönemeyer invites viewers to empathize with the individuals on screen, challenging preconceived notions and fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities of their work.

“Line of Work” confronts viewers with the humanity, prompting reflection on the arbitrary hierarchies of labor and the inherent worth of individuals in society. Through this powerful exploration of personal narratives, the project encourages viewers to confront their own biases and consider the broader implications of societal attitudes towards marginalized communities.


Fee – Gloria Grönemeyer, born in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1993, living in Bitche, France, is a photographer, artist and director.
During her studies in Mannheim, Germany and New York she began documenting her surroundings through photography and soon realised that it was more than just a hobby.

Over the past years she steadily developed her style and began exploring new ways to capture people. Her compositions are often edgy, humorous and a bit surreal.

For every project Fee-Gloria invests a lot of time into the detailed planning and research, composition, looks and locations that best represent a person, emotion or idea.

Her photography was shown at Photo Vogue Festival Milan 2019, Photo Vogue Festival 2021, was selected as 2021’s ‘Ones to Watch’ by the British Journal of Photography and was shortlisted in 2024 by ‘Palm* Photo Prize’.

Besides photography, Fee-Gloria has started creating immersive video and installation art works. Her most recent installation ‘Think Pink’ was shown at Räume 2 during Berlin Art Week 2022.


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