After over a year of searching, at last, Framed has found its new place to call home. This is quite a big deal for us since ‘hospitality’ is at the foundation of everything we do at Framed.


How did I find this place?
(the way you usually find things – only while you’re searching for something else)

I was looking for a hi-end audiophile room to host a listening session for my new album (Tigers and Hummingbirds). Being surrounded by the finest sound engineers on this album (Low-Swing Records / Brinkmann) I wasn’t “allowed” to compromise on any space with less than an exquisite sound. I was pretty surprised that it was not an easy task. I thought that in Berlin, I would have had more options… Anyway, after asking around and searching for a few months I got to the Morphine Raum. Even before visiting the location I had such a great feeling about it and that’s thanks to Rabih, the founder/owner of this very special recording studio. What a warm and friendly feeling I got from Rabih over the first phone call! Then I came by to meet Rabih so I could feel the space. I was ‘taken’ immediately at the entrance. When you walk in, all you can see is a small wood workshop (this I didn’t expect al all), you go through the wood pieces in process and the sawdust smell to reach an intimate and esthetic space with a small open kitchen (open kitchen is soooo important for a salon) and loads of Vinyls stacked over a large wooden table. 

Rabih felt so familiar to me from the first hand shake. We never met before and I have never heard about him or of his studio but I guess we have a lot in common – The direct way of conversation, the hospitality (immediately offered me coffee, a cigaret, etc), the absolute love and passion for art and the desire for collaboration. I guess that the fact that we were both born in neighboring countries (Israel/Lebanon) has also much to do with the similar mentality that I felt. 

Anyway, then you open a door to step into the Studio. Unlike any other studio I have been to before, this one is a one space studio – meaning that the control room and the recording room are not separated as they usually are, but they are one. A perfect size room (big enough to host, small enough to keep intimate), with a beautiful floor, windows and proportions. The first thing I noticed (very hard to miss) is the gorgeous PA system. I’ve never seen anything like it. Apparently this is a custom made (in Berlin) PA by Mo Stern. Then I noticed the grand piano at the corner and the vintage Neve console. (not to mention the analog equipment all around).

So, I came by to find a place for my personal listening session (which I did) but found myself realizing that I just found Framed’s new location! 

The walls around are perfect for our art exhibitions, and most of all – I could imagine how I can turn this space easily into our living room. I knew that if I felt at home in this space (even before the food, the art on the walls, etc) – Framed’s guests will probably feel the same. 

It’s exactly what I was looking for, a space that is hidden enough and under the radar but that is central and easy to reach. A space that will provide supreme conditions for our musicians and artists. A place that will encourage people to connect and feel welcome. A space that is out of the ordinary and that carries a “surprise” in it (like the wooden workshop at the entrance and the contrast between hi-end quality and aesthetics and the industrial surrounding). A place where all ages, genders, cultures, origins, colours feel welcome in (what better way to do so then collaborating with a Lebanese guy as a living example that we are all the same!). 

My album’s listening session (a few weeks after) was perfect. I was very happy to see that my partners Ofir and Haggai shared my feelings about the space, and even happier to hear the enthusiastic and spontaneous reaction of my guests that night, to confirm my intuition about the good vibes in the space. 

A few nice pictures from my listening session (taken by Katha Mau):

We had a talk with Rabih the week after my listening session – talked about how we can collaborate. Everything was so easy to solve… from how to hang the art, to the food topic, to the Video equipment installation, to the schedule, etc. It took me about 40 years to understand that when things go “easy” it usually means that it’s right! and meant to be. 

I’m really looking forward to “moving in” to our new home for FRAMED.

I can’t wait to host our first event (FRAMED #75, Sep 7th) and see our new salon filling up with cooking smells, a beautiful audience, fascinating stories and unforgettable music and art.

From now on, under our new roof, we’ll be hosting monthly events (first weekend of every month) and I encourage you to join us. 

Only when our community and friends will join us – then we could really call it – home.