FRAMED #9&10

FOLLOWSPOT– A live piano concert and video art. 

A video-art-theater play accompanied with original live piano music, creating a unique audiovisual experience.

The evening will reveal the story of Oscar, a sad and lonely theater Spotlight operator, whose job is to illuminate the star of a grotesque and pompous musical show in the national theater, night after night. 
As he falls in love with one of the dancers in the chorus line, a chain of events unfolds, leading to an inevitable downfall.

Piano and original music: Itamar Gross
Video Installation: Ita Mar Inbar 
Direction and artistic management: Aharon Levin
Story by: Aharon Levin & Shirly Sasson-ezer
Installation and Artistis Design: Roi Alter
Animation: Shahaf Ram
Photography: Eyal Malka
Producer: Gal Nachshon
Dancing and Acting: Inbal Shahar
Choreography: Ariel Wolf