Ofir Dor – paintings, Aaron Levin – poems

Words of Things and Things With No Words
December 2023
Two man show, featuring poems written by Aharon Levin alongside Ofir Dor’s paintings.

Aharon Levin – “Para Militar”
Para militar, para militar
Inside the head para militar
I shoot and get shot
The woman wants me to come
also Wedensdays
Para militar, para militar
Inside my head a machine gun
Is chasing me down
Assad throbs a stick up my ass
I weep, para militar
My mother’s open legs
the spring
my head
Kick around, son, what’s left of your dad

Ofir Dor
Human frailty and its everlasting fascination with both violence and ecstasy, makes the core of this group of paintings. It starts with a Story. Its narrative builds from an index of cultural references such as past artists, music, literature, mythology and all kinds of visual material echoing personal experiences, dreams or sheer imagination. The protagonists, once thrown into the composition, are acting out at their social, psychological and emotional levels.

Certain fluidity is maintained both in the narrative process as in the painting itself, everything might radically change at any given moment. The painting is an act of constant balancing between its tactile, visceral, almost primal urge, and the more cultivated qualities, like contemplation, reflection and analyses. This musical process is to go on, layer over layer, until the painting reaches a certain level of vibrancy that can reveal the truth it holds, even as a solid object, giving it enough meaning to exist on its own.

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