July 10th, 2020  //  20:00
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How was the experience of taking part in FRAMED SATELLITE?

“Nothing is more beautiful than sharing the joy and the gift of life with people who are open to receive it and framed is simply THE place for that. Framed team is not only super professional but also very passionate about music and arts. I felt very welcome and supported there so that I feel I have a new family in Berlin. The positive energy of the place together with their wonderful audience has made my concert a very special experience. Supporting creative work, in this case music, is very crucial for a healthy society and for empowering the community. Framed team have that mind set and is working diligently and passionately to create a platform for creative storytelling.” – Golnar

Golnar is a millennium voice. The only voice that ever moved me to tears when I saw her live. Every single note she sings contains incredible magic.” – Mira Lu Kovacs

Golnar Shahyar is an Iranian born vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. She has toured internationally with her different bands and was involved in various dance, theatre, and music festival productions as an artist, curator, and educator throughout her 10 years of activities.

Inspired by the diversity of narration in the language of music, her signature is her ability to connect different musical worlds and cultures in such an organic way, that makes the complexity of her compositions and singing almost effortless. Her voice is powerful yet very subtle and covers a whole range of emotions. In her solo act, GolNar, she creates an atmosphere where authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy are celebrated as strength. “I don’t play to please” she says, “I play to be honest“. The core of her work is communication, personal expression, and storytelling.

The hypnotic polyphonic weave of Golnar Shahyar’s voice, her guitar or piano, takes place so naturally as a floating story about the diversity of life, crossing her fondling fingers over your mind and heart.” (Danas Newspaper).

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**COVID-19 Hygiene Concept

Dear friends,

According to the SARS-CoV-2 Basic Protection Measures Ordinance, from 01.04.2022 in Berlin, corona restrictions no longer apply for our events. However, we strongly recommend that you voluntarily take an antigen test before visiting us and that you stay at home in the event of a positive result. This is how you protect our guests and our team from infection.

Happy to see you soon ❤️

Your Framed Team

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