September 14th, 2019  //  21:00
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Port Almond is the new alter ego of Norwegian singer-songwriter Rune Simonsen – also known as the lead singer of Washington (Mount Washington) and Lagoonbird.

“These past few years have truly been exciting times for me and my new  project, Port Almond. There’s a new found passion going around, especially because of Guy Sternberg and Lowswing Records.

For years I enjoyed the company and creativity of my friends in Mount Washington – before we all needed a bit of a break. Nowadays, it feels good to be on the move again. I really enjoy performing live, writing music, recording and collaborating with other musicians. It’s a lot of fun to chase new ideas and approach songwriting from different angles.

In September, I’m very happy to go on tour with piano player Erik Nilsson. He’s a fantastic artist in his own right, with years and years of experience. We’ll be performing songs from the Port Almond debut record but also quite a bit from the next album that will be recorded in November. We are working to select songs that can fit with the art expression of Richard Colombel – it’s a great honor to take part in the exhibition.”


Richard Colombel, artist and Buddhist teacher, was a rising star in the Paris art scene in the nineties, when he withdrew into a Buddhist hermitage.  After 21 years he has returned to his art, as his meditation training has developed his vision.

His work draws inspiration from the mind’s chaos and its capacity to deal with it, put it in some semblance of order. Starting with a wild landscape and creating something out of it, beauty and uniform within disorder.

To be at the edge of recognizing; to evoke without imposing ; to arouse creativity, because curiosity is creation, because evoking is giving the viewer the chance to be the artist, the creator.

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