SooJin Anjou & Lillevan

Concert Painist and Video Artist

“Mystical, universal, yet intensely personal, John Tavener is one of the most unique and fascinating composers in 20th-c. music. The music I have chosen for this audiovisual project for piano and live video was composed by Tavener on the Greek island of Patmos in 1977. Written for solo piano and lasting about 10 minutes in performance, Palin is “a meditation on the stunning and miraculous changes of light and colour experienced during the course of a day from the monastery on top of the island of Patmos”. Tavener’s description instantly sparked a dazzling vision inside my head, and I knew I had to create an audiovisual performance of Palin. As the title suggests, the structure of the
piece is palindromic. The video will have a life of its own, however, rather than merely illustrate the notes. I have invited the video artist Lillevan to collaborate with me. Palin will eventually become the prelude to an evening-length vaudiovisual performance that is already in preparation.”

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