Framed #18

Date: 19/1/19
Time: 21:00 (doors open 20:30)
Location: Kultur Markt Halle, Hanns-Eisler-Straße 93, Berlin 10409


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We kindly remind you to purchase tickets in advance, 
It won’t be possible to buy tickets at the door.

290 in stock


They will make you dance!

Since 2011 the band has brought a one-of-a-kind performance all over the globe, setting stages on fire wherever they go.

It’s all about that jazz, it’s all about the live! 
In staying true to the original spirit of jazz, the band presents a masterful show chockfull of surprises. Clever arrangements cradle their solos with melodies recalling the glorious era of the jazz, yet with a very bold and modern touch. The saxophones, vocals, music apps, loopers and game controllers all make for a fusion that only Berlin could have bred. 
They have been coined electro swing, rave jazz, swing tech and then some… “If we could go back in time, we would bring our technology, join Cab Calloway’s orchestra and never look back!”

They performed all over from festivals to clubs in the great cit-
ies of Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary,Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, the U.K., Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, USA, and even Australia.


Before and after the show Barry is going to play some very groovy tunes, from Jazz to Soul, Funk and Hip-Hop that will make you move your body. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

“Funkhaus” show at “Tachles Berlin FM”:
“Metronome” show at KZ Radio (TLV):
Mixcloud Page:


A set photographer 
and an art magazine chief editor (Msuse art and sexuality magazine),
has been working in the last 7 years in Berlin as a professional photographer for actors while working on various art projects, some of which include:
“Photophobia” – people and their personal phobias.
“Plastic Animals” – my family and other animals – how immigrants nd their own family away from home.
“The cure Hotel” – A series of photos of a Slovakian spa resort for old people.
“Hotel Melancholia” – Home away from home, being a couple at a hotel room.

Maroody has 10 years’ experience working on movie sets and working alongside talented DOP’s including Douglas Milsome (“The shining”,“Full Metal Jacket”) and actors including David Hasselhof, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and in a recent lm, Alexander Fehling, as one of Sony’s top ve set photographers in Europe.
Working on sets has given her artwork a cinematic look as well as taught her how to create comfortable work environments for women, who are usually scared of being photographed.