Artist Talk - Kang Sunkoo - 10/11

Date: 20/11/19
Time: 15:30
Location: Simplonstraße 29, 10245 Berlin.


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On this Artist talk we will have the pleasure of hearing from Sunkoo about his solo art exhibition ‘Windows’.

Windows, Kang Sunkoo’s solo exhibition at Framed, shows a set of works specifically conceived for location and moment.

In the wake of the EU parliamentary elections in May 2019, anti-gentrification messages had been prominently present in Berlin’s public space. During this time, Framed moved from director Yael Nachshon’s private apartment in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg into its newly leased space in Berlin-Friedrichshain. After the renovation and shortly before the opening event, all storefront windows of the building were destroyed. The marks of the destruction remained visible in the glass panes. Graffiti and stickers gave the appearance of an action motivated by an anti-gentrification agenda.

Framed’s current address appears on a list of properties compiled, mapped and published by an activist group which accuses the owner of ruthless tactics and destruction of sociocultural urban environments. The group organises events and publishes an internet blog to publicly shame the property owner, his family as well as related businesses and to mobilise resistance by the tenants.

Until now (September 2019), the owner of the building has refused to specify when the windows will be repaired. No concessions have been made to Framed to reduce the rent due to the broken glass panes, additional to other exploitative conditions. These difficulties as well as the stigmatisation by the local community are part of Framed’s struggle to remain economically sustainable as a non-profit cultural organisation.

Both, owner and tenant, left Tel Aviv for Berlin at different periods of time without any previous relation to each other. Two unlike Jewish biographies are now linked in a conflictual lease agreement for a property in Berlin-Friedrichshain and by being recipients of acts of aggression and destruction. The missing evidence if the attackers were aware of the cultural identity of their target adds to the ambivalence of the situation.

The exhibition begins on November 9, 2019, 81 years after the night of the November Pogroms in 1938. It studies the relation between notions of territory, property, identity and social behaviour. Windows frames a moment in the developing history of Framed, the city of Berlin and its people.

Artist Info

Kang Sunkoo works in the field of art and architecture. He is currently realising Statue of Limitations, a sculptural installation which was selected in a competition for the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace. His proposal Heimat Heimat was recently awarded the 1st prize in the competition for a permanent art installation inside the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community in Berlin.