Formed 19/5

Date: 19/5/19
Time: 15:00
Location: Simplonstraße 29, 10245 Berlin..


If you have any kind of disability and need support, 
we will be happy to help. Please contact us.

49 in stock

49 in stock

We kindly remind you to purchase tickets in advance since the number of tickets is limited.
There will be no option to enter without pre booking.
If you’re having any difficulties with the payment – please write us an email with the number of tickets + your full name – then we will find a solution for you.



Harel will talk, play and explain about the eastern Makam and of his personal search for the sound of silence.

“After many years of searching for the right notes, the right phrases and the right sounds to play in order to create my own musical voice, I discovered that the best music is in between the notes, in the silence. Now I learn the most important lesson in music. When not to play, when to listen and when to
let go from my ideas. How to create vibrant music by giving up.
For me, the same concept when applied with words, thoughts and actions create beautiful harmony in life.
In this event, I will share with you some music and some silence. I will share the story of my journey, searching for the sound of silence.”


Ofir will talk about – Where do paintings come from? What do they want and where are they going?

“I’m daily confronted with how to get all the elements to work together in harmony while maintaining a sense of urgency, excitement and intensity. As someone deeply rooted in a studio practice, my approach it’s marked by the constant elaboration of themes and compositions from one painting to the next, a process through which I synthesize ideas and reconsider former works in a new light. Alongside my reliance on art history and other contemporary imagery, my studio practice involves extensive work in drawing, often as an intermediate step between different interactions of the same subject. My ideas came across slight variations – experimenting with colour, composition, setting and gesture – I try to attain a balance between a raw, energetic state and sense of balance and lucidity, doing it in a way that’s it’s not so much by a deliberate structure but rather by a fusion of image and paint, creating a one-time, particular event where content and form are bound together to create meaning.”

The artworks will be exhibited and available for sale.

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