Drums & Cacao - A Weekly Drumming Circle with Ceremonial Cacao

Date:  27.10.2020
Time: 18:00
Location: Simplonstraße 29, 10245 Berlin.


If you have any kind of disability and need support, 
we will be happy to help. Please contact us.

Out of stock

Out of stock

We kindly remind you to purchase tickets in advance since the number of tickets is limited.
There will be no option to enter without pre booking.
If you’re having any difficulties with the payment – please write us an email with the number of tickets + your full name – then we will find a solution for you.


**Bring your own drum or use one of our beautiful Djembes**
** Pre-booking your space & drum by 13:00 on day of event is essential**
**Limited spaces**

I invite you to join us for our weekly Drumming & Cacao Ceremonial Circle. Come and join us whatever your level of drumming experience!

We will begin with a Sacred Cacao ceremony and from there we will embark into an evening of guided drumming and music making.

Group drumming can be a deeply nourishing and cleansing experience for the body & mind, as well as being immensely enjoyable. It has been practiced for millennia by indigenous cultures as a way to communicate, celebrate and mark important events in community life. There is power in drumming alone, and this can multiply on many levels in a group of drummers. And when done in conjunction with the ceremonial drinking of Cacao, we open the door for a deeply connecting and heart-opening experience.

Cacao is an ancient plant-medicine, originally native to Central and South America, which has been used for medicinal, ritualistic and spiritual purposes for almost 3000 years. What makes Ceremonial Cacao different to the cacao we find in our supermarkets is the way it has been grown, harvested and prepared. It contains the whole cacao bean and is considered a ‘raw’ food because of its lack of heavy processing and roasting. Thanks to this it retains its many nutritional and energetic qualities. The cacao we use in our ceremony comes from communities who grow the crop organically in permaculture, which sustainably preserves the biodiversity of the local rainforest and supports the local economy. 

I look forward to playing together!



A little about me –

I am a composer and musician whose passion has always been with rhythm.  

I discovered Cacao Ceremonies three years ago while living in London and was part of a group where we fused the ceremonial drinking of Cacao with drumming. The experience was so powerful and enriching I wanted to bring it to life here in Berlin, where I now live with my family, and share it with you all. 



What to bring: Participants will need to bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothes. 
Drums: If you don’t own your own instrument come and use one of ours! : ) There is limited availability, so prior booking of a drum is essential. 
If you will bring your own drum, please clarify this when booking: so I know how many drums are available for others to use.
Preparation: Try to avoid coffee on the day of the Ceremony if possible, or at least during the 4-hours leading up to it. I also recommend a light diet and no alcohol on the day. It is best not to eat 2 hours prior to the ceremony (as Cacao is best ingested on an empty stomach). Fruits and herbal teas are fine. 
Medical conditions: You shouldn’t drink ceremonial doses of Cacao (what we will drink in the circle) if you are taking antidepressants or have a serious heart condition. Likewise, if you are allergic/intolerant to fermented foods you should also not partake in the drinking. 
You can still take part in the evening though and take a lot of enjoyment out of it!