Date:  29.02.2020
Time: 16:00
Location: Simplonstraße 29, 10245 Berlin.


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Out of stock

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Host: Ofir Dor (our art curator)

On this Artist talk we will have the pleasure of hearing from Gabriela about her art works and her work processes.

We will then have a short Q&A. 

Gabriela Jolowicz is a woodcut artist from Germany. The woodcut is a visual medium of the past. As the earliest mass media, woodcuts first were distributed in the form of affordable single prints, depicting religious scenes. They were mostly crudely executed and printed from one block in black. These oldest examples come to mind when looking at Gabriela Jolowicz’s woodcuts for the first time. What follows is a feeling of discrepancy: the palpable overflow of information with which we deal today, in comparison to the slowness of cutting into wood to retell events. This notion is amplified when mobile phones and other modern imagery appear on these woodcuts, showing the present through the medium of the past.