Omer Polak

Multidisciplinary Artist

During the lockdown, I’ve been working on the Pharmacy of Memories. At a moment when the human connection feels painfully fraught, the Pharmacy of Memories offers a space to share stories and to experiment, to travel together through time and place, and to reconsider what it means to coexist on this planet. 

PoM welcomes visitors for one-on-one sessions with pharmacists to create evocative smells inspired by personal memories; one sample will go with the participant and one will remain, along with its origin story, as part of a growing Scent Archive.

I would like to take this opportunity to go deep into research about memories. More than thousands of pictures, taken by me, will be placed in the center of this project. Each week I will publish a new series of images, representing one step in the creative process and draw a new timeline of memories and storytelling. I will examine the way pictures shape our memory and affect the creative process.