Olaf Kühnemann


“When I am painting I listen to music using YouTube so there is always imagery attached to the music. Too often, while trying to paint, my attention and hand goes to my phone or laptop (…). Through this dynamic of concentration and distraction a new group of paintings on paper is being created, trying to integrate distraction and inspiration using paint, graphite and colour pencils on paper.”

Olaf’s Website


“FRAMED PROCESS enabled me and gave me confidence and a framework to continue working as an artist during a challenging and strange time.

The fact that you guys were able and willing to reach out to us and actively support us with your financial resources while emphasizing that art is important and of value was very heartwarming and generous. The documentation of this process was also very good and gave me a chance to reflect on the process and feelings and thoughts through conversation. Thank you, Yael, Aharon, and Isabela for your support! you created a sense of community with your efforts and vision.”

Olaf Kühnemann