Ofir Dor

Visiting hours every Saturday in August from 3 to 6pm

Opening on the 15th of August, from 6 to 9pm

Ofir Dor is an Israeli painter residing in Berlin. Since 2004 has been showing large-scale paintings in a lush expressiveness, depicting men and women in situations derived from a subliminal zone of dream, the occult and sexual fantasy.

The artworks will be exhibited and available for sale.


On view are some themes I’ve developed in my work of the past years. This body of work represents, for me, the culmination of an ongoing process around erotic themes and group scenarios in painting. It deals with nudity, the axes of gaze, the interplay of characters and the force fields of push-and-pull between them, often approached in connection with noted art-historical precedents, literature, erotic photography and the widespread scopic practices of the digital age.

I situate the scenes in a range of backdrops, from mundane interiors to settings that are replete with cultural connotations: a lush Arcadian landscape, a See scene, an outdoor wedding feast. 

The characters that figure in the paintings are couples, threesomes or larger groups who are engaged in a play of seduction and self-indulgence, willingly offering themselves to the gazes of others – and, by extension, to the beholder. This uneven interplay of gazes, attraction and sometimes repulsion structures a pictorial balance that is always on the verge of collapse.

I progress intuitively, reworking the themes across several paintings and incorporating elements from a former painting into the next. At times, the participants that figure in one composition morph into other related characters. Once a cast of characters has been determined, a psychological intrigue begins to evolve, bringing essential elements to light. The painting style is lush and expressive, and the completion of every work is felt on a visceral level, by satisfying an inner need that resonates on both a physical and aesthetic level.

ith expansive color fields and bigger formats while shifting the subject matter to a realm of mythological creatures, the cosmic and erotic situations.

Employing free-form, intuitive painterly gestures and a continued exploration of the themes, often in a serial manner. It’s a balancing act between art history, the self and the sensual realm.

While refining my understanding of color and gesture, I pursuit a greater formal and narrative complexity.

My task at this point, and which I confront daily, is how to get all the elements to work together in harmony while maintaining a sense of urgency, excitement and intensity. As someone deeply rooted in a studio practice, I approach it by a constant elaboration of themes and compositions from one painting to the next, a process through which I synthesize ideas and reconsider former work in a new light. Alongside my reliance on art history and other contemporary imagery, my studio practice involves extensive work in drawing, often as an intermediate step between different iterations of the same subject.

As I refine my ideas across slight variations – experimenting with color, composition, setting and gesture – I try to attain a balance between a raw, energetic state and sense of balance and lucidity, doing so not so much be by a deliberate structure but rather by a fusion of image and paint, creating a one-time, particular event where content and form are bound together to create meaning.