Noga Shtainer

October 2020

Noga Shtainer was born, lived and studied in Israel. She moved to Berlin in 2010 where she acquired her master’s program in Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie.

In her work she constantly investigates personality, social and imaginary themes inspired by different people she has encountered and know, among them some of her family members.

Shtainer has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Israel, and USA including group show at the National Portrait Gallery, London. Her works have been published and reviewed in many international publications.

In recent years, she has published the series: Pandora, Wagenburg, Twins- Duo Morality, Home for special Children and Near Conscious.  For the last 3 years she is working on a new series called “Homesick”

She is represented by the Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv and the Podbielski Contemporary Gallery, Milan.

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