Guy Lougashi

May 2021
Artist Talk May 8th, 2021

Exhibition title: Colonies

Guy Lougashi investigates into the qualities of materials and their possible translation into objects of various medias.

In “Colonies” he’ll show a selection of his work with paper, salt, volume, light and video.

These ‘Colonies’ are forms of no hierarchy, round shapes, lunar white shapes. Perfectly centered with no focal point, they could have been of any size. Beads or pearls or grains or spider’s web, they call for quiet contemplation, like looking at the stars or closely at a flower. They could bring to mind the patterns found in textiles or shapes of crystallizing minerals. Or looking through the microscope on to the senseless order in meaningful chaos. They could have been of any size, their roundness makes them size-less. The space depicted here is seen through lens, or it might be a pupil, or they could be fabrics, textiles, utopian city plans.

Guy Lougashi, born in Israel in 1976, is a self taught visual artist who divides his time between Israel and Germany. His various fields of activity, which include fine arts, stage and costume design, graphic design and various techniques of crafts he experienced, all blend together in his continuous search for new and unconventional expressions of his inner world. Although adept in many techniques and materials, Guy has a special love and connection with paper in its various forms. This fascination stems from the constant white noise in his mind, a hum that propels him to be constantly on the move and continue creating, giving new form to his inner commotion. In his work, Guy maintains a fine balance between minimalism and complexity, harmony and disharmony, silence and (white) noise. Like a giant school of fish transforming and transfiguring in perfect harmony, his works stretches between flickering particles and a powerful presence. His play with layering, sculpting, sewing, negative and positive spaces is innovative, exciting and thought- provoking. Alongside his creative work, once or twice a year Guy likes to share his knowledge and technique with paper via various courses and seminars worldwide. Just like Guy’s art, the courses evolve and transform, serving as a laboratory for new ideas and approaches.

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