ABAGADA – Gad Baruch Hinkis – Electro Music

ABAGADA Is the new solo project by Israeli born Gad Baruch Hinkis. A futurist and music technology hacker, Gad is one of the originators of the Electro-Swing genre, Mostly known as the producer and front man of the Berlin based band Dirty Honkers, where he concurred some of the biggest stages around Europe with his unavoidable energy and arsenal of hacked gaming toys with which he is able to produce live electronic improvisations. 

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Daphna Saker Massey is an artist and an expressive arts therapist.
She works in a space between these two fields where she has created an art experience called the Real Dream.
In the Real Dream experience, she invites people to participate in a multi-art-medium process that leads one into personal and deep insights.

This method is her own creative process and the main theme of a research, still in its first days, towards a PHD research at the European Graduate school (EGS), Switzerland.

Daphna’s main interest is in guiding people into new ways into their own creative source.

Daphna’s Website