Poetry exhibition curated by Noam Gal

July 2024

Following the focus of FRAMED FEST 2024 on musical duets, ‘ADRESSEN’ pays tribute to this form of expression, which is all about careful listening, giving and taking. We can imagine a duet to have the form of a poem, feelings that reach our hearts from the creative mind and hands of another. This poetic transmission may require translation, a delicate movement from one language to another, from one voice to another, in a different time and place.

As you enter into the spheric space of the Wasserturm, you will find postcards of poems surrounding you. We invite you to take one, or more. Between the physical movement of picking up the postcard and the reading of the poem, a duet is created. By sharing your poem, more duets are possibly, and uniquely, sung. Where would you send the postcard? Does your duet need an address?

Noam Gal


Dr. Noam Gal (PhD, Yale 2012) is a scholar and a curator of the arts in the camera-age. Gal’s main exhibition projects featured the art of Richard Avedon, Berenice Abbott, Ron Amir, Ilit Azoulay, Tomoko Sawada, Zanele Muholi, Roi Kuper, Micha Bar-Am, and Chen Cohen. His next book The Movers: Israeli Art in the Third Millennium is forthcoming in 2024.


Visitor info

Open 20-28th of July from 12-16h in Wasserturm Prenzlauer Berg.

Entrance is free.

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