Ofir Dor

January 2022

Ofir Dor is a painter, a native of Israel residing in Berlin since 2007.
He will be showing large-scale paintings in a lush expressivity,
depicting men and women in situations derived from a subliminal
zone of dream, the occult and sexual fantasy.
Initially working in a more detailed technique, with scenes that bring
to mind a dark underworld of esoteric cliques and subcultures, his
painterly style has evolved into a freeform expressivity.
It deals with nudity, the axes of gaze, the interplay of characters and the
force fields of push-and-pull between them, often approached in
connection with noted art-historical precedents, erotic photography and
the widespread scopic practices of the digital age.

As ideas refine across slight variations – experimenting with color,
composition, setting and gesture – he tries to attain a balance between a
raw, energetic state and sense of balance and lucidity, doing so not so
much be by a deliberate structure but rather by a fusion of image and
paint, creating a one-time, particular event where content and form are
bound together to create meaning.

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