Moran Sanderovich

Human skin suit – חליפת עור אדם
April 2022

Human skin suit – חליפת עור אדם

Composed of uncanny duality in an attempt to produce narratives of transformation and fluidity it holds both life and death; the natural and artificial. The figures in the drawings aim to generate a multi-layered interpretation and to trigger a dialectic reaction. They attempt to create beauty and tenderness alongside their terror-generating appearance, seeking to progress beyond the binary to ever-changing polymorphic bodies.

The wounds mark our body in different ways: they cross the boundary between the inside and outside, forming openings and leaving scars. The wounds demonstrate the body’s sensitivity to external conditions, as well as its organic ability to heal and renew.

Observing these openings on the surface of a world that seems sterile and flawless reveals its complex interior.
wounds and trauma act as portals that enable an evolution that relies on the fantastic potential of “new” and “other” bodies and develops beyond the normative and binary. Transformation becomes a process of self-formulation and empowerment.

By viewing disability, mutation, and decay as starting points for other forms of life, Moran’s work intends to challenge, confuse and crash normative conceptions of the body, digging under the woman and human skin in order to reveal Painful, Fragile and Violent places inside as an act of protest and empowerment.

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