Guy Lougashi

May 2021


The solo show of Guy Lougashi, will present a selected series of pieces which will introduce the public to the artistic process of Lougashi by displaying new works produced especially on the occasion of the exhibition at Framed Berlin. His pieces, the result of his work with paper, salt, volumes and light, video and environment installations, will be investigating the avail of the materials, their possible translation into bi-dimensional works and the use of an immersive approach delivered by the use of various media.

The exhibition will present pieces which are the witness of the process in which Guy uses light, shapes and forms to deliver an alternate signifier to the public by involving the viewer into an interactive visual experience. The exhibited works, part of a completely new production will introduce the work of one of the most promising Israeli artist working in the frame of the international and European art scene.


Guy Lougashi, born in Israel in 1976, is a self taught visual artist, currently living in Berlin.

His various fields of activity all blend together in his continuous search for new and unconventional expressions of his inner world. Although adept in many techniques and materials, Guy has a special love and connection with paper in its various forms. This fascination stems from the constant white noise in his mind, a hum that propels him to be always on the move and to continue creating, giving new form to his inner commotion.

In his work, Guy maintains a fine balance between minimalism and complexity, harmony and disharmony, silence and (white) noise. Like a giant school of fish transforming and transfiguring in perfect harmony, his work stretches between flickering particles and a powerful presence. His play with layering, sculpting, sewing, negative and positive spaces is innovative, exciting and thought- provoking.

There is a quiet [obsessive] flow of repetition in his work, each whole and independent of the former. Guy in his world of spherical colonies with no beginning and no end.

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