Kereshmeh Performance

May 7th, 2021  //  20:00
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I met Kaveh Sarvarian around 2017, we both ended up on a recording session together, I was immediately struck by how soft spoken he was and yet how loud and clear he made himself heard. He is a world class scholar of traditional Persian music (with several published books on the subject). He is constantly expanding his knowledge and looking for new ways to move forward. He is a virtuoso on many instruments with a distinct personal sound. We feel very happy and lucky to be able to feature his latest project in collaboration with dancer/choreographer Patricia Alvarez.

Kereshmeh performance is inspired by the last album recorded by Kaveh Sarvarian, “Kereshmeh, a new perspective of the Persian music”

Kereshmeh is a ritual, a multi-sensory journey made with the traditional languages of dance and music mastered by its creators. Traditional Persian music is the basis of Kaveh‘s compositions, and folk dances of the Mediterranean area are the roots of Patricia’s dance. They take those traditions out of their usual context, expanding and stretching their sounderies, bringing them together in a contemporary approach.
Kaveh creates different soundscapes based on loops, which exist halfway between traditional acoustic sounds and electronic ones, melting them in a natural and harmonious way. Patricia develops her dance as a long choreography comprised of different languages and elements. She breaks the traditional concept that places the folk movement according to close rules based on concrete aspects and focuses instead on abstract points to create a ritual dance where she can express a range of feelings that are common to us all.

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