Framed #12

March 3rd, 2018  //  21:00
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Yael Nachshon is a singer song writer, Berlin-based, originally born and raised in Israel. this concert will present mostly songs from Yael’s 4th Album (soon to be published) as well as some songs from the old repertoire. together with these amazing musicians (Haggai Cohen Milo and Thomas Moked Blum) we will take you on a ride into the soul and back out to reality.



Noa Snir
 – ‘SMEDA’
Smeda Rmeda, a series of screen-prints based on a Judeo-Moroccan version of Cinderella. The story stems from a long tradition of oral storytelling, and is full of charm, violence and poetry. Giving the tale a visual interpretation is the artist’s way of telling the story in her own personal voice, as women have done for centuries before her.

Noa Snir is a Berlin-based illustrator and print-maker, originally born and raised in Jerusalem.


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