DJ Werd Presents

March 26th, 2021  //  20:00
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DJ Werd Presents: Turntable Tutorial is a rare opportunity to appreciate the music of contemporary artists that are otherwise overlooked by the radio/club scene in Berlin. The event will be hosted by DJ Werd who is always promoting the turntable as a musical instrument, and Trommel Tobi. Werd will provide the background melodies from turntables, samplers and other live instruments, while Trommel Tobi keeps the beat locked in with live drums and various live percussion. The Turntable Tutorial sessions frequently feature new guest DJs, musicians, singers, emcees or producers who are inspired by hip hop culture, and will provide spontaneous musical improvisation to compliment the band.

Special guests: 

Dana Shanti

Dj Werd – Turntables, Synth, Percussion, Samples
Tobias Fröhlich (TrommelTobi) – Drums
Haggai Cohen-Milo – Bass
Dana Shanti – Vocals, Piano
Grace Risch – Vocals
Yasmin Hadisubrata (Yazzkimo) – Piano
Nicatea – Vocals
Stefanie Sylla – Viola d’amore, Kora, Violin

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