Alma Sade with Mark McNeill

April 24th, 2021  //  20:00
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Alma was one of the first musicians to take part in a FRAMED event, when those were still happening at Yael apartment (Framed #5, 2017). A gifted soprano, Alma has been a soloist at the Komische Oper, Berlin since 2014. What makes her special to us is the range and variety of voices she has mastered, and how her graceful and humble character melds with her mesmerising charisma on stage.

Alma will be accompanied by Mark McNeill on Piano. The two met at the Komische Oper and formed a strong friendship and musical connection. The original plan was a program of french songs, however when the rehearsing started Alma felt that she wanted to sing something else, something more personal, a show she would have fun preparing and performing. With this in mind they put together a collection of pieces that takes a journey through Jewish composers and the Yiddish language. From Mendelssohn and Mahler who had to hide their identity in order to work at the time, to Paul Abraham who composed through both World Wars and was an innovator by combining jazz interlude into his operettas. As Alma told me: “We love working on this program, thinking in the voices of all those composers, and deepening our friendship through the music and the text; getting to the core of those pieces which might be the core of every work of art; love, spirituality, fear death, beauty, heartbreak and nature.

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