Daniel M Thurau

March 2020 – April 2020

Exhibition Title: Untitled

Daniel M Thurau was born in Köthen/Anhalt in 1974 and lives currently in Berlin. He studied law, painting and fine arts in Germany and in the English Channel. 

With solo exhibitions in London, Copenhagen, Vienna and various cities in Germany and a granted art residency at Backfabrik Berlin,  Daniel is the holder of the Emerging Artist Award from the Christa and Nicholas Schües Art Foundation and the Anhaltischer Kunstpreis from the Kreissparkasse Anhalt-Bitterfeld.

„We all are born with one single idea: that’s our „Lebensgefühl“ – how do we react to all the absurdities and all the rubbish and all the beauty of life, be it spiritual or physical. And the lesson of the artist, his challenge, is to make this experience another experience, to transform this feeling into something else, into painting“ – Daniel M Thurau.

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