Camilo Paredes

Filmmaker, Photographer

“‘Resiliencia’ is a documentary short I started back in 2017, but couldn’t finish due to several  circumstances. This documentary follows the lives of two artists: Harlinson Lozano, a 36- year-old saxophone player, and Galina, a 20-year-old ballet and contemporary dancer. 

These two artists have endured hardships throughout their lives, both economic and emotional. Harlinson’s dad was taken from his family and killed by a guerrilla armed group. Galina’s mom was neglected by the national health service having been diagnosed with an operable brain tumor.

In both cases art was the central road to healing. Art is one of the most underfunded areas in Colombia, a country that has endured more than 60 years of civil war horrors, yet keeps ignoring the strength of art as a necessary tool to heal a whole generation of neglected and violence-struck people.

This documentary exposes the premise that trauma can become a source of strength when given a proper medium, such as an artistic vocation.