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When I arrived to Berlin on the summer of 2016, someone told me about a cool band called Dirty Honkers. I checked them out and loved them from the first note. Since I am a women of action, I immediately found the number of Gad, one of the band members (the guy in the middle) and called him. At that time I was working on my 4th Album so I offered Gad to give me some of his unbelievable cool and dirty beats. We started working together (and thats a different story) and ever since, I adore the guy. 
Therefor, I was just waiting for the right opportunity to invite the Dirty Honkers to FRAMED. I am soooo happy and excited toward the PARTY planed for Framed#18.

Here is a short interview with the Band, so we could all get to know them a little better before the big night:

How did you guys meet each other, and when did you start your (super cool) band?

Gad: Me and Andrea met on stage for the first time, we were both guests in another bands concert in the Netherlands in a big festival, we body-slammed on stage and she nearly fell off the stage, and so our friendship was born. I met Florent separately when I was playing a live set in the Bar 25 club, I invited him to play some sexy sax on my live beats and the rest is history.

Where did the name Dirty Honkers come from?

Honkey horns on dirty beats. Thats is the essence of our sound. 

Your music is such an amazing mix of so many styles, who of you brings what into the band?

Gad brings the dirty ravey electronic sound and rhythm, Andrea brings the sexy pop vibe and catchy tunes and Florent brings his excellent musicianship, sophisticated Jazz harmony and arrangements.

 What is your mission when you go on stage?

I think the motivation is different for each one of us, I personally always feel good about bringing swing into the techno clubs to people that are not usually exposed to jazz. but for sure our mission is to win the crowd in the end of the night and that’s our main drive.  We really appreciate originality and we dare a lot on stage, so we want the public to embrace their inner freakiness and let go of their fears and expectations during our show to really get down and dirty. 

Describe your “Dream gig”… (who knows… maybe we could make it come true)

The dream gig is actually not necessarily the place but the encounter with the rowdy crowd and a creative promoter who can harness our show to take the party to the next level.  We can always come up with awesome concepts on the fly, all we need is a solid crew who’s not afraid to go the extra mile to make the show bigger than life. That being said, we had a few awesome gigs on rooftops, so maybe we can stick with that. (:

I know that you guys are also about mixing ‘old’ and ‘new’, using Music Apps, Loopers and Game controllers(???). Could you explain the ‘Game controllers’ part? 

Gad is a beast of a nerd scientist, since he doesn’t play any acoustic instruments he invents his own. We like to keep the spirit of jazz improvisation down to the core of the project and rock some live electronic improvisation on stage. The game controllers let us play in the front of the stage and not behind the table. Gad has also created a music app that lets anyone improvise music even with no musical experience, you can find his app JAMBL on the app store-

What music do you guys listen to lately? any recommendations? (old stuff, new stuff, whatever is on your playlist lately)

Florent: I discovered Machito, the godfather of Mambo music and I recommend everyone to tune in
Gad: I only listen to NOISIA radio (future drum and bass) or podcasts.

Framed’s crowd is reading this Post – would you like to send any message to them before you meet them in person on January 19th? 

Be sexy as hell!

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