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I’ve never met Reema in person. not yet.
I got to know her music, not too long ago, through a dear friend, the creator of the wonderful and super special vinyl label called LowSwing Records.
I have listened to Reema’s Vinyl Album all the way through, and as soon as it ended I immediately started from the top again.
The sound of her voice and the quality of the recording it self are incredible.

Before Reema comes to sing and play for us on Framed#17, I wanted to learn a bit more about her. Therefor, I’ve asked Reema a few questions and here they are with her answers –

Could you explain about the process of creating this beautiful album at LowSwing Records?

I had known Guy Sternberg, the creator of LowSwing Records, for a while and we’d often talked about our philosophy around music.
We share the same desire to use analogue recording techniques, not just for the incredible sound but also to capture a moment in time.
The idea of recording something live to tape just made me so excited! Guy used the demos I had recorded at home to map out his beautiful arrangements and we got together in LowSwing Studio to record them live in the room with the musicians. Our biggest session was around 14 musicians at once including me. 

I understand that you write the lyrics and the music of your albums, but you are also responsible for the drawings on the cover. Since Framed is all about the magical connection between visual art and music – tell us more about this connection in your life. 

I feel deeply connected to the music I make because I try to challenge myself to get even more personal each time. I feel the same with my drawings. To me, they are an extension of the process of making the music. Anything I can do to make a more hand-made and human thing feels right. Also, it’s just really enjoyable to do!

What inspires you?

I love animals and nature and humans are my favourite animal. I love studying being human and trying to find the little emotions between the big ones. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of feelings to be inspired by. My artwork is a little window into my head and how I see things and my music is a window into how I feel things.

What music do you listen to lately?

All sorts of music! At the moment I’ve rediscovered a lot of my old favourite as I’m clearing out my mum’s home. My absolute favourite Love‘Forever Changes’, The Be Good Tanyas are my ‘happy music’ of choice, and I still love a good cry to The Cranberries. Of course I’m loving LowSwing Records’ latest offering ‘Port Almond.’ 

On Framed#17 you will be accompanied by your guitar, two bass clarinets, a clarinet, and a flute.
This instrumentation is pretty unique for a singer-songwriter band and I can’t wait to hear it!
Why did you choose this combination of instruments?

I’ve been working for a few years with Stefan on bass clarinet and we have played a lot of shows as a duo. It was through him that I discovered my love for bass clarinet and it’s unique tone. Stefan’s incredible arranging abilities and Guy Sternberg’s arrangements on our vinyl ‘The LowSwing Sessions’ have inspired me to expand this into a slightly larger set up. The instruments that use breath are like singers’ voices and have a soft organic quality. I feel like I’m in a strange choir when I play with them.

What is your wish before going on stage? what do you hope for before a concert begins?

I never know how it’s going to go. I try to show the audience a little world to escape into. Somewhere to be free to feel and express without being self conscious. Before a show it’s really important for me to have a strong sense of calm. Something quite difficult in the world we live in.

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