Sonic Network no.13 oil and acrylic on canvas 2014 244x304cm private collection melbourne nyc_0


I love connections.
Connections between people, between artworks, between places.
It’s so beautiful when two different people/things connect into one.
whether it’s only for one moment, or an evening, or a lifetime,
if it’s a good connection, it has a positive effect onwards.

On Framed #16 we connect Roni Alter’s Music with four different artists who will exhibit their works
in the wonderful private gallery of Kai Hilgemann
Paintings of
John Aslanidis and Bosco Sodi, Works on paper by Liv Mette and Sculptures by Ewerdt Hilgemann.

For over twenty years artist John Aslanidis has defined a space between sound and vision, through seeking to create “paintings you can hear and sound you can see”. His paintings take the form of numerous interlocking and exponentially expanding concentric circles that are painstakingly mapped and masked out, and evolve from an intersection between music and painting.  

These are paintings that are experienced by the body, and as such reclaim a contemplative awareness of the senses within the rush and tumble of the digital consumer age.

So I wonder, what will happen in the space between Roni Alter’s music and the art works of John Aslanidis and the others?
What will I feel standing in that space, Breathing in the connection as it evolves, Being part of something magical.

I wonder if it will really happen, If I will be able to see the music and listen to the paintings.
I guess I’ll find out soon.

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