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I have been following Roni’s musical path for around 12 years now. It sounds creepy, but it’s nothing like that (:
I found Roni’s voice magical ever since I first heard her sing, in Tel Aviv.I deeply appreciate her dedication to music and songs.
And I love her new songs.
Roni is based in Paris and I feel very proud and happy to host her on Framed #16. Soon we will get to hear her sing for us live, in Kreuzberg, but until then, I’ve asked Roni some questions that interested me, and I’ll share Roni’s answers here with you:

When was the moment you knew you wanted to be a musician/singer?

“For better or worse, I did not really have a moment like this, it was clear to me from the beginning, from the day I was born, that I was going to be a musician.”

How do you write a song? first the lyrics or the music? in the morning or at night? what is your personal process of writing?

“I usually have a general idea, something I want to talk about, and then I start playing, on a guitar or piano, with the idea in mind, and start mumbling words on the melody – while recording myself. Then I leave the instrument, and get a paper & pen and start writing proper words. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, the lyrics & melody can come out together. Like a monologue that I have to get out of me.”

Out of all the many things you do (practice, write, perform, record etc), which is your favorite part?

“I think They complement each other. I believe that if I had only one of them in my life it would not have been enough. I can be in the studio for hours and never get tired of it, but if afterward, I’m not singing those songs on stage, it’s not really satisfying …”

Why Paris?

“why not?? such a beautiful & inspiring city!”

What inspires you?

“So many things. Concerts – good or bad, could really inspire me! Traveling of course – getting out of your comfort zone is always a good idea if you want to write.”

What music do you listen to lately?

“3 Great new albums:
Sophie Hunger – Molecules
Paul McCartney – Egypt Station
Pierre Lapointe – La Science du Coeur”

“Save me” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time! – would you share anything about it?

“Thank you ­čÖé I can only say that it’s a very personal song, that came straight out of my heart, with no filters.And that each time I’m singing it on stage, I’m on the edge of crying…”

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