The past week was magical! So many good things happened one after the other. I can’t even explain it. Something in the stars, in the air, or simply the results of two years of hard work and good intentions.

Over the past week, I’ve met some amazing people with whom I immediately felt related to. I felt we share a common ideology and spirit. And more than anything, regardless of the mutual benefits we got from these meetings, it was so comforting to see I’m not alone. Usually, even with supportive family and friends around, going through this path of music and cultural journey can feel very lonely.
It’s very encouraging to meet people who appreciate this path and want to take part in it. I can’t reveal yet who are the people I’ve met and what will be their contribution to Framed, but I can say that they are wonderful people bringing good news with them. Hopefully, I’ll be able to tell you more about it in the next blog.  

At the end of this fortunate week we’ve had Framed #15 that was inspiring and great fun. It took place, for the last time, in my living room. After 15 times of moving all the furniture around, taking everything off the walls, hanging new artworks all over the space, filling up the fridge with beers and hosting 80 beautiful strangers, it is time to move on.

So, the future is not exactly mapped out yet, but the idea is to move around Berlin from one location to another. I wish to find surprising locations for you, with unique vibes and intimate atmosphere in them. I am looking for private Apartments, private Studios and Galleries. So far I have found a few locations that generously agreed to host Framed and I will keep on looking for more. So, If you have a cool, big space, and you want to host Framed for one magical evening – let me know!

Now – I want to tell you about Framed next location:
Framed #16 will take place in a private Gallery in Kreuzberg.  The owner/initiator of the Gallery is Kai Hilgemann. Following 20 years of Gallery activity in Berlin, starting 2014, Kai Hilgemann has been focusing on Art Projects and Art Advisory worldwide in a more mobile way. In September 2015 a private Showroom has opened in a Berlin Kreuzberg, presenting selected works by various international artists spanning more than 50 years of production. This private Showroom is super special.  The space (an attic of a beautiful Bauhaus) used to be an active artist studio therefor the floor is covered with so many colors and layers of paint. Renovating the space, Kai chose to leave the floor this way and I though it is so creative and beautiful. You can feel the layers, and the emotions of creation underneath your feet.

I will write more about the musician and the exhibiting artists of Framed #16 on my next Blog.

Until then, I’ll do my best try to keep the good energies and hope things will keep on going in this magical direction, Forward.

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