Who is Olaf Kühnemann ?

Olaf and I met in Berlin almost a year ago. Olaf is a beautiful person and a wonderful artist and I am so happy and proud he is a part of our next event.

I asked Olaf a few questions about his work, and I thought they might interest you as well:

When was the moment you knew art was your passion?

Art, and specifically painting has always been my passion. There isn׳t one defining moment where it became clear, but rather a process supported by my parents at the beginning and later by my first art teacher. I remember myself at the age of 6 looking at pictures in art books and looking at life itself, nature, animals, people and intuitively wanting to express theses experiences with water colours and with drawing. There was a natural and clear line between imagination hands and expression with art.
Later, at about 10 years old, I met my first art teacher, Zvi Lachman.
I became his assistant and through him and his practice and being with him in his studio, I understood that being an artists can also be a profession. Through this relationship that lasted 15 years I understood many things about working disciplines, materials and tools, techniques, the relationship between present and past in Art, and its context. 

What is your most favorite part of the creation precess?

My favourite part is the work itself in the studio, the moments of experimentation with ideas, with materials and paint. When working feels playful and free.

How does your daily working routine looks like?

The daily routine varies, depending on a specific project or idea. In the last few months leading up to my exhibition at the Haifa Museum in Israel, the routine was a combination of painting on paper fixing and taking apart bicycles and listening to music.

What inspire you?

Inspiration is everywhere and in everything, internally and externally.

Who are your favorite artists? / your roll modal, if you have one?

As a teenager I loved Clint Eastwood.
There are so many others as well, Artists that I grew up with and that were and sometimes still are an inspiration to me: Kathe Kollwitz, Michelangelo, Emil Nolde, Peter Breugel, Chrlotte Salomon, Paul Cezanne, Vincet van Gogh, Rembrandt, Giotto di Bondone, Alberto Giacometti, Philip Guston, Wiliem De kooning, Arshile Gorky, Egon Schiele, Pablo Picasso, Howard Hodgkin, Edward Munch.
Influential teachers I had: Zvi Lachman, David Paulson, Rosemary Beck, Ruth Miller, Bruch Gagnier.
Living painters: Helene Appel, Uwe Wittwer, Valerie Favre, Gabriella Klein, Alice Neel, Yaara Oren, Cecily Brown, Matthias Weischer, Paul Resika, Peter Doig, George Baselitz, Frank Auerbach, Ofir Dor, George Condo, Lisa Yuskavage, David Hockney, Chris Ofili, Tal R, Albert Oehlen
And – David Bowie, and so many other musicians and music 

How does music influence your works? 

Music is great since it has such a direct and immediate impact on me my mood and my body. I would like to make paintings like Robert Wyatt and David Bowie make music. I often listen to Tiny Desk concert on NPR while working, discovering new musicians and bands and letting their creativity influence mine.

What will you present on Framed #15 exhibition?

I will be presenting a group of works on paper, A4 size that are part of an ongoing flow of small paintings i have been making since 2014.  They do not have one theme or subject but rather are an accumulation of free associations in painting.

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