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As the monthly drawing session at Framed continues, let’s get to know better the featured artist Shani Nizan. 

Besides her relationship to drawing and artistic guidance, Shani is among the best tattoo artist in the world. As a young girl in the IDF with great talent and passion for art, she began to draw on her arms and legs during guard duties and unexpectedly started getting requests from many people to tattoo them. After a feature article in the famous “Hayalim Mezayzim” magazine, it was clear that she could not deny her destiny to become a tattoo artist. 

Shani emerged into the tattoo scene in Israel and rapidly became a leading artist in the studios she was working at such as Big Boy in Ramat Gan and DYO studio in Tel Aviv. There, she started to develop her unique style of people with animal heads which she is known for to this day. 

A year later, Shani was invited to be a permanent resident at the prestigious NOIA studio in Berlin, owned by one of the top tattoo artists in the world Julia Rehme. This was a great achievement in her career and a tremendous honor to be invited to be part of the team (and the youngest member) of this incredible studio, an honor that no tattoo artist from Israel has ever received before. 

At NOIA, Shani’s special style received international recognition by clients from all over Europe coming to Berlin just to get her art tattooed or fellow tattoo artists that came as guests to work at NOIA. 

Later on, she started getting invitations to be a featured guest artist from studios of the most important tattooers in the world like Mowgli from Through My Third Eye studio in London, Nikos from DADC studio in Paris and Marco C. Matarese from Puro studio in Milan. 

These days, Shani is constantly touring all over the world, being a featured guest artist in the biggest studios and receiving outstanding praise from every place she works at. In the next months, she is planned to tour in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Milano so don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet her as part of the drawing session at Framed, Berlin!

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