Like so many other fruitful encounters I’ve had in FRAMED events, I’ve met Haggai one evening, more than two years ago, at my house, on a Framed event. After the concert ended, we had a little chat on the terrace with a couple of mutual musician friends, and the next day – Haggai and I already recorded a song together. This is how fast I felt musically and emotionally connected to Haggai. Since that night on the terrace, we started working together as much as possible and we became very good friends. Haggai is always surrounded by the best musicians, and the nicest people and he is always working on so many beautiful and interesting projects. Whenever I invite Haggai to play (in any constellation), I know for sure – it will be amazing!

As usual, here is a short interview with Haggai, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did:

What is music to you?

Music for me is a thing that brings people together. I got into music so I can play with my friends, and still, it’s one of my main musical drives. With the years I’ve witnessed how music brings people together in so many ways.

When did you know music was what you wanted to pursue as your career?

This just happened organically, I don’t remember ever making a decision like that.

How would you describe your original music?

Hard one… I guess it’s jazz, a bit romantic a bit middle eastern, very rhythmical. 

What would be your favorite part of this ‘business’? (practicing? writing music? playing live? recording?)

I very much enjoy practicing, but my favorite thing about playing music is connecting with propel, the band, the audiences, and everyone else I get to meet along the way. 

What is the goal? if there is one…

I’m not sure I would call it a goal, I would like to always be present whatever I do, be honest about what I put out musically, and be able to stop and make changes when needed.

What is your next musical dream? let’s say anything can happen – what would it be?

An ensemble made of musicians, dancers, actors, filmmakers, all creating together interdisciplinary works. 

What music do you listen to? an album that is on repeat mode in your system lately? 

A lot of music, here are a few albums I’ve listened to this week (the ones I liked): 

The Bad Plus – For all I care, 

Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep…

Yonatan Avishai & Avishai Cohen – Playing The Room

Summer Walker – Clear

Herbie Hancock – Secrets 

Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee part tow

Tell us about your duo with Yonatan Avishai? What should we expect on Framed#27?

Growing up in Israel, studying jazz, Yonatan was one of the musicians I looked up to. In particular, he had a band which was called Third World Love (w/ Avishai Cohen, Omer Avital, Daniel Friedman) which had a huge impact on me. In this Framed event we finally for the first time (!) get to play music together almost 20 years later. We will play originals by Yonatan and myself which we chose especially for this debut. As a very special treat, our dear friend and phenomenal percussion player Itamar Doari will be joining us for a few songs. Expect some great music and great vibes, human connections.


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