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Richard Colombel is an artist and a Buddhist teacher. He was a rising star in the Paris art scene in the nineties, when he withdrew into a Buddhist hermitage.  After 21 years he has returned to his art, as his meditation training has developed his vision.
I have met Richard and his mind-blowing paintings through a mutual friend. We quickly discovered that we are very close neighbors and quite quickly after that we became good friends. Since two years now, Richard has been me and my husband’s Buddhism/meditation teacher. Let me tell you – he is a rare teacher and a rare creature (: I feel completely blessed to have him around. 
On Framed #25 you will have the opportunity to meet Richard as well, to observe his magnificent works and event get a taste of his teaching on his Artist Talk on Sunday, 15.9.
Until then, here are a few lines from Richard…
What is painting for you? 

To paint is for me the chance to interpret the world with a distant overview and to question his reality. 

Who are your favorite artists? your biggest influences? 
I don’t have any preference because all teachers I had (10 years in Art school !) broke all of them. Thanks to them, I reached my own certainty about what has to stay on the canvas.
Could your tell us about your creative process?
Working with Oil is a bit like sculpting, everything has to be created, the space, the light, the texture. Painting is a journey through the best part of my mind, the creative one without limit. 
Buddhism, meditation, and art – who all of this comes together?
In that sense, Meditation is for me very important to nourish this process. It means, be aware of this continuous flow of thoughts and play with it. 
Tell us something about the upcoming exhibition at Framed?
The next Framed exhibition will show my last paintings, obviously, the best of my work.
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