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At our FRAMED #KIDS event we had the pleasure to witness an amazing violin performance by Lir Vaginsky. From the minute she took the violin into her hands until the moment she finished the last tune, the whole room was in a state of total concentration and calmness. Lir is only 15 years old but to our ears she sounds like a very experienced and mature musician. After the event we wanted to know more about her and her talent, so we asked her some questions that might intrigue you as well.

When was your first contact with the violin? Tell us that story!

I started to play the violin at the age of seven. Coming from a very musical family of course I wanted to play an instrument as well . Violin wasn’t my first instrument, I did play the piano and cello before. After hearing my cousin play the Beethoven’s spring sonata for violin, I decided to start taking violin seriously as I wanted to play it too.

When did you know that music was what you wanted to do?

As I have so many musicians in my family it inspired me to join their field and become a musician. But I pretty much knew straight away that this is what I love and want to do .

What advice would you give to younger musicians that are doing their first steps into music?

I think you really need to want it in order to achieve your best. There will always be ups and downs. The way to the top is definitely not easy but it’s worth working for.

What inspires you?

My mom is definitely a big Inspiration of Mine. Seeing her perform since I was at a very young age inspired me a lot to become like her. Sometimes I also get to perform with her and it is always such a joy.

We know that you come from a musical family. How does that affect your musical career?

I was very lucky to have so many musicians in my family . Especially my mom who amazingly supports me and helps me all the time. I don’t think I would have achieved everything I have till today without her .

What are your goals as a musician?

That’s a big question . Of course becoming a soloist would be a dream but it’s very hard and there is very limited places up there. For me playing solo with orchestra is an amazing feeling but I also do enjoy a lot chamber music which I do quite a lot.

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