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On Sunday, the 7th of July, we opened our FRAMED#KIDS exhibition.  With a joyful and playful atmosphere, we were enchanted by the wonderful art made by these amazing kids. Colors, figures and funny characters filled our walls at FRAMED. While we were enjoying the music, the art and company, we spotted one of our little artists. Meet Ariel and his wicked out friends.

Hey Ariel, your work is very impressive! Tell us again, what is your age?

I am 5 and 11 months old, next month is my birthday and I start school!

Wow, both are great news! And where were your born?

I was born in Israel and lived there for two years and then moved to Berlin.

Cool! So, which is your favorite city so far?

Tel Aviv and Rome, but I haven’t been yet to Rome.

*Laughs* So, Ariel, tell us more about what is your inspiration to draw?

Sometimes I just feel like drawing, sometimes can be places or when I see my mom. I like to go to museums and also to discover new places. For example, I made lots of drawings of Cleopatra, Caesar and old ships after learning about Ancient Egypt and Rome. Later I started making portraits of my friends. Now, because I learned to play chess, I have created some characters and started drawing little stories about them. Also my mom is a Sculptor and she likes to create things and my father is an Animator and Illustrator and I want to be like them.

Wow, it seems that drawing is truly your passion. What do you want to show in your drawings?

I want to tell my own stories and draw them.

And do your stories come from your imagination, your dreams or something you see?

Many times they come from my imagination. Sometimes, from things that I see or learn about.

Do you have any favorite colors?

Yellow and white. My mom told me that “tzahov” (yellow in Hebrew) was actually the first word I said, followed by “yareach” (moon in Hebrew).

Do you also use different materials for drawing and painting?

My mom always encourages me to try new materials so I have been experimenting with ink, printmaking, collage, clay, papier-mâché, oil pastel, charcoal, beside my markers and crayons.

Wow, your mom really supports your artistic skills. Does painting mean something special for you?

My mom taught me to always carry a sketchbook with me. It is part of me.

That is nice to hear! So, what do you want to be when your grow up? A painter?

I would like to write and illustrate books for kids, and also to be an Archaeologist.

That is great! We are sure that you are going to be the best archaeologist and book writer and illustrator! Thank you very much for your time, Ariel!




 Among all the colorful chaos we also found the young artist David. We asked him about his work. 

Hi David, so nice to meet you! Your artworks are looking great! How old are you?

I am 8 years old.

Can you tell us the different places you’ve lived?

I was born in Israel. I lived 5 years in Israel and 3 years in and Berlin 

I hear you have visited many cities. What was your favorite city so far?

So far I liked Italy the most, but maybe I will like Greece better.  We will go there soon for vacation!

I see lots of different rainbow colors in drawing! Do you have any favorite colors? 

Yes. Orange.

Do you also use different materials for drawing and painting?

Yes. I also use clay, markers, pencils, colored pencils, pen, water colors and acrylic colors

Great! That’s a lot of different materials. What do you want to be when your grow up? Maybe a painter?

I want to write books and draw the drawing of my books.

That’s amazing to hear, David! I really look forward to reading your stories, I think they will have amazing illustrations. Have a good time in Greece!

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