How I’ve met Jack Glottman (Framed #15’s musician) ? / How I started my musical path ?

I started my musical education at a very old age, when I was 19. I know, 19 isn’t old, but when it comes to music education – most musicians I know, have been playing their instruments since the age of five or six.

For me, it wasn’t the case. My parents wanted me to learn Piano but I didn’t want to practice, I preferred being out with my friends and doing my own thing, so it didn’t last too long. Then I tried playing the drums. It seemed cooler to me, but still, required practicing, so it only lasted six months or so.

I always loved music, and I loved singing, but It never crossed my mind that singing might be defined as a musical instrument. So I never pursued it. Therefor, I couldn’t imagine being included in this magnificent group of people called – Musicians.

When I was 19, at the end of my first year of service in the Israeli Military (I was stationed in a remote army base where I worked around the clock and had no time for myself. except at nights, in bed, listening to Chat Backer with my headphones on, while the other girls in the room were asleep).

I got relocated  for my second year of service to an Army base closer to home, where I worked in shifts. 24 hours in base, 48 hours at home and so on. It was amazing! I felt like I’d won my freedom back and that I could probably achieve anything, having so much free time now (I was very young and naive). So, I started working as a waitress at a Jazz club in TLV on my free nights and started taking piano and vocal lessons on my free days.

I remember listening to Ella Fitzgerald one day, during one of the boring 24 hours shifts, thinking “I want to do this too. I want to sing”. So I made some phone calls to friends who knew musician friends and started my very first Band. It was a Jazz Trio (Me-singing, and two other terrific guys on Double bass and Piano).  That year (1999) I’ve learned so much music from my Band mates, my Piano and Vocal technique teachers and I fell completely in love with being part of the creation of Music.

Then I decided to try my luck and apply for a Music Collage in NYC. I wanted to apply for the New School University – Jazz Program which I heard so many good things about. Since NYC was a long way from home, they agreed to accept a recorded audition – 3 Jazz Songs. I was sooo nervous! I have never recorded anything in my life before, or even been to a recording studio. 

I booked a studio and went with my Band to record. We booked five hours. And I couldn’t sing a single note. I was so nervous. I just cried and cried for 5 hours. unbelievable. I was totally disappointed with myself and felt so embarrassed for wasting the money and everyone’s time.

The following week, someone told me about a pianist from Colombia, who moved to Israel a few years before and the rumor had it that he is an amazing musician. I was too embarrassed to ask my Band to come again to the recording studio so I found the number of that Pianist I’ve heard about, Jack Glottman was his name, hoping he’ll agree to come and record this audition with me.

Jack was super friendly right from the start and agreed to help me. Again, I booked a recording studio, hoping I won’t mess it all up again. I can’t remember if Jack and I met before the recording session to practice or not, but I remember this – Jack’s playing was beyond perfect. He accompanied my singing so well, I felt I could almost do anything with my voice and everything will fall into place and sound good. It was such a lovely feeling. His sound made me instantly a better singer. We’ve recorded the 3 tunes and I’ve sent them to the New School University. Not only that I got accepted to the school, I was offered a financial grant for an ‘exceptional audition’. All thanks to Jack’s magical hands and mind. Truly.

Many years have past (18 years to be exact), I moved to NYC and then back to Tel Aviv and now I live in Berlin. Jack moved to NYC as well in 2003 and is still there till today. Our musical paths have crossed once or twice since then, but it has been too long since I last sang with Jack. I guess that’s why I’m so excited that Jack is Framed #15’s preforming musician.

Surely, I won’t help it and sing a few songs with him on Oct 13th. I just can’t miss this opportunity…

See you all soon,


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