Congratulations are in order – FRAMED has moved into a permanent space of its own!
I have been working towards this moment for many months, together with amazing friends that helped me in so many wonderful ways and made this possible. 

After 15 magical Framed events at my private living room (until my kids and husband said “enough is enough”) and another 5  beautiful and surprising events at different stunning locations around Berlin – I have came to the conclusion that in order to recreate the magic again and again, FRAMED needs a permanent space. A space that could be shaped in such a way that I believe a Culture Salon should look and feel like. 

I have looked for the perfect space for a long time until I found “the one”, at the heart of Friedrichshain.

With the incredible help of my mother (she’s a great architect) and my designer friends, I have planned and designed the space. My hope is to create a beautiful, cozy, welcoming space where everyone can feel comfortable. I was dreaming of a space that could be respectful for the participating artists and musicians while feeling like a home to all.

This dream is turning into reality as I write these words. Electricians came yesterday to install the sound system and the lightings for the art works. Next week all the furnitures arrive and soon it will all be ready for you to come and visit.

Now that Framed will have a home (we open officially in May), we will broaden our activities and I would love to share the near future’s plans for FRAMED in its new location with you:

  • FRAMED EVENTS + Open Gallery:
    Framed events will take place once a month as before. But now, instead of closing the Art exhibition on the following day – we will keep the exhibition showing for a month (until the next event). 
    You are always welcome to come by, say “hello” and enjoy the Art.
    (The Art works will be for sale of course)
  • MUSIC CORNER – in our Salon, there will be a cozy listening corner with a record player and a CD player, and with the Albums of Musicians who took part in Framed events of the past.
    Feel free to come by, choose a nice CD/Vinyl, put on a set of headphones and chill.
    (These Albums will also be for sale. we collect the money and transfer it to the musicians directly)
    Formed events will be a series of “behind the scenes cultural events” such as – Artist talks, Workshops, Readings, Screenings and much more. We will do our best to create interesting and fun events where one could get even closer to the art/music/theatre/etc works as to the people behind these creations.
    On May 17th+18th we invite you to join us for FRAMED #21,#22 –
    Two nights in a row of a one of kind Concert by Harel Shachal & Tomer Moked Blum.
    And a fabulous solo exhibition by Ofir Dor.
    On Sunday, May 19th, will host a FORMED event with an artists talk (Ofir Dor will talk about his art, and Harel Shachal about his music).
    I can’t wait for this weekend… (:

I would like to take this opportunity to  thank a few people who worked so hard (and still working) to help me build and open this Salon. Since FRAMED still is a non profit organisation – all of these amazing and talented friends gave their best without asking anything is return. I can’t wait to the day we will get substansial financial aid and I could pay all of them as they deserve –

  •  Dorit Rubin Elkanati – Framed Curator, who has been by my side in better and worse.
  • Daphna Saker Massey – Framed Artistic Consultant and friend. (and was the first exhibiting artist on Framed#1)
  • Essy Evian and Abigail Saggi – Top graphic designers and dear friends who are in this project with me from day one! 
  • Tal – my lovely friend that helps me all the time with such grace and warmth. 
  • Elba, Gabriela and Zhijian – the very talented and enthusiastic interns working with me. 
  • Din Barrie – who is actually responsible for assembling all the interior of the space with such grace and sweetness.
  • Roi Werner – who is responsible for Framed website and any other technical help you could imagine (including emotional technical problems)
  • Gilly Gazit – who was my partner for a short but significant period of time (and moves to London soon. I will miss her very much)
  • My family – for being so patient and supportive with this crazy dream of mine. 

I hope to see you all very soon,
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  1. Hi there
    I am maryamnaz fallahi, I am a profesional painter and I do painting for 15 years in field of “real, Surreal, fluid art”with technics of oil painting , acrylic, colorpencile and chiaroscuro.I had 5 exhibition in Iran-Tehran. I hope if I  could cooperate with your gallery. I can send you my works if you want.
    Thank you for your attention.

    Maryamnaz fallahi
    Instagram: @maryamnaz86

    1. Dear Maryamnaz,

      Thank you for your interest in FRAMED.

      Feel free to send us an email ( with your portfolio and we will pass it to our art curator!


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