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A few months after I’ve landed in Berlin, I wanted to record a few songs with musician friends from Israel who came to visit me.
I’ve heard about a very good recording studio close to my house called ‘LowSwing Studio‘, so I’ve called and set up a session.
It took no longer then 15 minutes in the studio to realize it’s a very special and unbelievably good recording studio. 

The owner/prroducer/sound engeneer/musician who run’s the place is Guy Sternberg. 
I feel so very lucky to have met Guy. 
And naturally I am honored to host his music on our next event – Framed #19.

Here is a small interview with Guy Sternberg, I’m sure you will find it interesting = 

You are a composer/producer/musician/sound engineer/ running a recording studio and running a vinyl label of your own – ‘Low swing records’ – that’s a lot of things! which one is your favorite? and why?

All the things I’m doing are going back to the love of music and in a way these are all angles of the same thing.
From my background I’m a musician but in first line I’m a music producer and studio owner. 
It’s difficult to say what I like best but the excitement of recording a great live performance to an analogue tape is something very special, the feeling that everyone in the studio is connected and doing a magical thing in the given moment of time is very strong, I guess you can say it’s a real rush. 

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl is such a nice format to listen to music. I believe it’s the right format for music lovers. Listening to vinyl opens space, taking room, forces the listener to be there, at least for the length of a side. Music lost a lot of its value during the digital times, both in quality and integrity of the artists, producing music for vinyl allows me to be more focused and strive harder for quality. 

Why Berlin?

I was asked to join the team in Babelsberg Studios as a music producer/composer in 1998, I thought it’s an opportunity to be away for  a few months, but it prolonged to over 20 years… 

How do your daily routine looks like?

Well, everyday brings something new. A day starts very early 6:30am and ends sometimes after a late night session. In general I’m spending a lot of time in the studio, both recording, mixing and collaborating with musicians. When composing I usually like to be at home in my comfort zone. Home is where my vinyl collection is too, I’m spending a lot of time listening to music.

What is your career dream? (the one you haven’t accomplished yet)

I’m really happy at were I am, I get to work with international artists, musicians with vision I can share and I want to keep the spirit alive to create records with great musical impact. But if you insist, I think it’s about time to get a Grammy too 🙂 

Tell us about the composition we are about to hear live on Feb 16th – A dangerous film…

The piece is modern classical music. Composing to Nir Evron‘s strong work “a dangerous film” was very exciting, the images are extremely strong both esthetically and content-wise. The music is inspired by the disintegration of the film material and the “noise” it creates. The flute and strings are mimicking the broken images and slowly taking form and creating melodic lines. Thematically the millitaric imagery is coded in the melodic “language” of the flute which is in dialog with the strings. Composed in a form of an extended flute concerto the piece gives soloist Federico Delpra a chance to show his virtuosity and beautiful tone on the flute. 

What music do you listen to lately? (I guess you hear music all day, but I mean at home when you’re back from work)

I love coming home and listen to music. I have a warm place in my heart for the jazz records of the early 60’s on labels like blue note and impulse! And I always come back to them. Also many singer/songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s.

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