Not too long ago, after moving  to Berlin, in the summer of 2016, I met Ludger Lemper, my upstairs  neighbor. The first time we met, he knocked on my door and gave me bread and salt, explaining it is a nice custom in Germany when new neighbors come. Ever since that day, Ludger has demonstrated his generosity and hospitality again and again. I call him My Angel Neighbour. If you attended any of our events – you’d probably recognize Luger, since he always comes in and shows his support (including lending us all the chairs from his house when needed).

Framed#18, our upcoming PARTY, will take place in a very unique space – Kultur Markt Halle.

You guest right – Ludger is the man (together with many other beautiful people) behind this nonprofit association.

KulturMarktHalle was a deserted old SuperMarket in Mühlenkiez, Prenzlauer Berg. This super hip location is coming back to life in the past 2 years thanks to an initiative of a very good group of people with different professional and cultural backgrounds. Their aim is to turn this space to a neighborhood cultural and social meeting point, where people can eat, drink, dance, read, talk, listen to music, enjoy a show etc, without worrying about nationality, language, age or anything of that nature.

Needless to say – I relate to KMH’s agenda very much, as they’ve created a place where old Berliners and New Berliners can meet and connect, they’ve created  a space where many different languages are spoken and they’ve created all of that through culture and art. I LIKE THESE GUYS. So – being hosted at KMH for our amazing PARTY was exactly what I wished for.  I am very thankful for Ludger and all the wonderful people at KMH for hosting us.

I hope that all of you, Framed Friends, will make it to the PARTY, so we could blend together with other new friends and enjoy the live music (Dirty Honkers), the art (Maroody Merav), the dancing (Dj Barry Cohen) and the atmosphere of this magical place.

I really can’t wait!

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