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First of all – because I love it!

I love Hosting, I love Art and I loooove Music!

Framed is my little, unique way of making our world a better place.

I know that sounds very arrogant, but it׳s quite the opposite. Since there are so many things in our world that needs mending – I often feel lost and helpless, like there is nothing I can do to make a difference.

That’s why I chose the few things I am good at, and decided to combine them together and turn them into giving:


I grew up in Israel. I’m super lucky to have two amazing parents and two loving brothers. Until the age of 18 we lived next door to my grandparents ( on my mother’s side) in a village 20 minutes north to Tel Aviv. Both my parents and my grandparents were extremely generous people and had (have,until today) a special gift: Hosting.

Even Though my family was never too wealthy throughout my childhood, we always had the best food, the most beautiful parties, best birthdays and so on… I guess it’s a matter of priority.

My mother (following her parents’ footsteps) has great passion for cooking and hosting. I wish I could invite all of you for a glimpse of her unbelievable way of hosting. I do my best to walk in my family’s footsteps and I must say it’s a great pleasure to know how to host.

When we first arrived in our new apartment in Berlin – I was so excited by the high ceilings, the wooden floors, the good energy of the place – I immediately wanted to invite people over. The more, the merrier.  That’s how the first Framed event was born. I just wanted to invite some friends (and people I don’t know so I could make new friends in this new city) to a really nice evening. So I baked a lot ( to be precise, 400 little pieces) of my grandmothers famous ‘Burekas’ (special pastry filled with Feta cheese) alongside some good yogurt and fruit. I bought beers and wine. I organized the house for a party and invited some friend to play good music and present their art…

Slowly it evolved and I got to know so many lovely and interesting people who became my friends through Framed events.

I will tell you about some of those friendships in the next Blog  posts..


I’m a musician. I am a singer songwriter. Music is my greatest passion. Music had saved my life more than once (but that’s a story for another post) In any case, music is my most loyal friend. I believe in music. In its magical power to make transformations. I feel totally blessed to be able to sing and be part of music creation. It is a great privilege.

But here is the thing – these days everything is happening so fast! People hardly stop during their crazy busy days to truly listen to music, to let it in. Knowing the great spiritual benefits good music has on the soul – I want to help myself as well as others, to stop every once in a while, and really enjoy music.

One of my most favorite “night out” experience is sitting at home (or at a friend’s house) with friends, listening to music. If the music is live – even better.  Why then, not share it with others? Sharing is caring! (that’s my children’s slogan from their Kita (kindergarten))


The truth is I am not an art expert. Don’t know much about art history or the current art scene (That’s why I have Daphna and Dorit). I just know that when I see a painting or any artwork that moves me – It effects me deeply. It inspires me. Since I am spending most of my time playing with Words (creating music or other forms of writing) – I love to be inspired by this non-verbal form of art. A completely different way of telling a story and expressing  feelings. Since art moves me and affects my creativity, I knew it would do the same for others.

Somehow, these events, without having planned, address many issues that have been bothering me for many years such as racism, social alienation, cultural deterioration, and the loss of the sense of community + they are so much fun!

Really excited to see you soon,



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