Adelle Nqeto


It has never been more important to give attention to historically disadvantaged POC, amplifying our voices in a time when the world is at last ready to listen. Our stories, so embedded within music, dance, and poetry are essential for understanding our own histories and cultures, as well as the ways in which our stories intersect. 

“Herdeiros” (“Heirs”) is a documentary set in the favela of Morro da Serrinha in Rio. The film tells the story of the cultural and musical legacy of enslaved Africans in today’s Brazil and traces Carnaval’s deep roots through this Afro-Brazilian community.

The aim of this project is to use raw audio footage that was recorded in Rio, Brazil during January and February 2020 and infusing the recordings with my own voice, percussive elements, and instrumentation, in order to create a soundscape to accompany scenes of the documentary. These musical pieces will include conversations, songs, and poems by important local musicians/cultural figures from Rio.